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The current population of the earth is about 7.9 billion. (In the US, the population is 332,841,602 or 3.33 million, less than 5% of the total population.) No matter how you look at it, globally or nationally, that’s a whole lot of people. And all of us have questions that seek answers. Does every question have an answer? Not really, unless you except “I/we don’t know (yet)” as the answer.

It is intriguing that questions, some simple and some complex, are a normal part of our daily existence. Can you imagine managing so many questions? God does.

How do we arrive at answers? We think. We search our schema for information we already know. We synthesize. We research. We ask someone else who might know. We assume. We postulate. We theorize. We hypothesize. We solve. We ask Siri. We ask Alexa. We google. We pray to the ONE, who created all and knows all.

Most often that’s what I do; I pray and I wait on an answer from God. What amazes me is that God gives us the ability to arrive at answers or most probable answers, and then, He answers the questions that transcend our capabilities, all 7.9 billion of us. God amazes me! He astounds me!

One question I have had but have since been scolded by God not to ask again is why does He keep making people? After all, He knows what we are going to do. I believe the answer is His love and His sovereignty. His ways and His thoughts are so, so much higher than ours. I am thankful that He made everybody that is alive today, everybody who once lived, and everybody yet to be born. And I am grateful that I am one of the people He made.

I am grateful to God for every question He allows us to ask and for every answer He permits us to know and sometimes understand. God amazes me!

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