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God is So Real!

God is so real! The Scriptures testify. All creation testifies. The Church, as broken as it seems to be at times, testifies. The lives of many people(s) testify. My spirit testifies. The Holy Spirit testifies. Quite honestly, everything and everyone testifies that God is so real, whether it or he or she knows it or not.

God amazes me! All of Who God is amazes me. All of What God does amazes me. Today, one thing that seems to stand out the most is that God hears and answers my/our prayers, whether it’s with a yes or a no, or a not now.Of course, the yes’s echo the loudest because somehow what I/we have prayed must have agreed with God’s will. The no’s, well, they reveal perhaps something even more grand, which may be that despite what I/we may have requested, God in His “omni-ness” is lovingly looking out for what’s best for me/us or for whomever or whatever I/we may have been praying about.

God is so real because my faith testifies that He is. Literally, God continues to grow my faith as I, in my finite limitations, pray more and more for what seems impossible. I may not be saying this quite right. Let me say it another way. As I pray for “mountains to be thrown into sea,” I see the reality of the yes’s to my prayer requests. Sometimes I am not quick enough to recognize it and say, “Thank you, LORD, for answering my prayers.” But when it dawns on me, I respond with great thanksgiving and awe, that our transcendent, sovereign God took a moment in His immanence to hear me plus everybody else who prays to Him. God is so real and so good!

The reality of God and His complete work on our behalf through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit give my life hope and purpose.

Thank you, God, for making yourself known to me/us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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