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Checkpoints ...

I am so thankful that the Lord gives us checkpoints in life. Some games have built in checkpoints. Checkpoints are at various points in the game. When you loose a man or get out, instead of having to go back to beginning of the game, you restart at the latest checkpoint reached. That’s what God does for us. As we progress through the Christian life and run into ourselves or succumb to the world, our flesh, or the devil, God gives us restarts, but they don’t go all of the way back to salvation. In other words, we don’t have to keep getting saved all over again. He pursues us, forgives us, restores us, and sets us back on the right path. Not only that ... whatever caused the restart, He somehow works it out for our good later on. This amazes me! While God has done so much for us and given us His all - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, He still loves us enough to make it right. This blows me away.

Thank you Lord for the checkpoints in life. Thank you for moving us from glory to glory despite our inconsistencies. Lord, oh how I love you more and more each and everyday. Lord, please grant me a restart for the glitch that still exists in my life. Let me move past this point for good never to return. Give me victory over this glitch — my poor response to the ploys of the enemy. Forgive me for falling short of your glory so many times in this area of my life. Let me forever look ahead and not waste anymore time yielding to this glitch. Help me do right and resist the enemy and my fleshly response. Lord, help me to make up my mind and trust you and obey you no matter the circumstance or the instruments the enemy uses to distract me. Lord, thank you for checkpoints. Now, I am asking for a new one.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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